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Al Wadi

3 3 Stars

- Price: $$, $14 to $21

1249 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury

Financed by a South End pizza place (with reportedly great falafel), Al Wadi is the... READ MORE


3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Middle Eastern - Price: $$, $12 to $19

129 Brighton Ave, Allston-Brighton

A more-affordable version of the acclaimed Helmand completes the greatest block of ethnic restaurants in... READ MORE


3 3 Stars

Cuisine: American, New American, Lounge - Price: $24 to $32

5 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge

A second bar-restaurant for the Royal Sonesta lacks the intensity of Dante, but has a nice combination of comfort classics and clever touches. The clam... READ MORE

B&G Oysters

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: 8f4149d0-e51b-497f-8a20-62f739e41760

550 Tremont St, South End

Upscale and modern take on the Oyster bar with more than 12 different types of East and West Coast oysters. Superb selection of bivalves, traditional... READ MORE

Barlow's Restaurant

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Bistro, Pub Food - Price: $11 to $26

241 A St, Boston

Dress light and eat hearty in one of the more successful group-owned bistro-pubs around.  READ MORE

Basho Japanese Brasserie

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Japanese - Price: $17 to $35

1338 Boylston Street, Boston

 Large and ultramodern yet curiously comfortable dining spot mixing traditional Japanese bar food, contemporary creations, and enough plated entrees to keep the squares in line,... READ MORE


4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Seasonal Bistro, Fine dining

118 Beacon St, Somerville

We guess the experimental-chef thing isn’t over, after all. At least not at Somerville’s Bergamot,... READ MORE

Bin26 Enoteca

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Italian, Mediterranean

26 Charles Street, Beacon Hill

Praise to Bin 26 Enoteca, for its adventurous, globetrotting list for wine lovers of every... READ MORE

Bina Osteria

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Italian

581 Washington St, Boston

Maybe the last avant-food, luxury restaurant we will see for a long time. READ MORE

Bombay Club

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Indian

1415 Washington Street, Boston

Inching above Boston standards, Bombay Club offers a familiar menu in unfamiliarly airy, contemporary surroundings.... READ MORE

Bon Chon

3 3 Stars

- Price: $, $, $7 to $25, $7 to $25

123 Brighton Ave, Allston-Brighton

The fried chicken is franchised and famous, but the rest of the food runs from... READ MORE

Bon Chon

3 3 Stars

- Price: $, $, $7 to $25, $7 to $25

123 Brighton Ave, Allston-Brighton

The fried chicken is franchised and famous, but the rest of the food runs from... READ MORE

Bon Chon

3 3 Stars

- Price: $, $, $7 to $25, $7 to $25

123 Brighton Ave, Allston-Brighton

The fried chicken is franchised and famous, but the rest of the food runs from... READ MORE

Bon Chon

3 3 Stars

- Price: $, $, $7 to $25, $7 to $25

123 Brighton Ave, Allston-Brighton

The fried chicken is franchised and famous, but the rest of the food runs from... READ MORE

Bon Chon

3 3 Stars

- Price: $, $, $7 to $25, $7 to $25

123 Brighton Ave, Allston-Brighton

The fried chicken is franchised and famous, but the rest of the food runs from... READ MORE

C. Tsar's

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Bistro, Mediterranean - Price: $$, $15 to $25

344 Walnut St, Newtonville

Chef Christos Tsardounis didn’t wait for the inevitable. He down-marketed his own bistro, Ariadne, keeping... READ MORE

Citizen Public House and Oyster Bar

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Seafood, Brew Pubs - Price: $$, $16 to $24

1310 Boylston St, Fenway

Latest gastropub from the Franklin Café guys doesn’t just have a blackboard wall that lists... READ MORE

City Table

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: American

65 Exeter St, Back Bay

Companion to the Lenox Hotel's City Bar, City Table opened in October 2009 to serve... READ MORE

City Table

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: American, american - Price: $12 to $28

@ the Lenox Hotel, Boston

Downsized and downscaled from the elaborate Azure, the new dining room of the old Lenox Hotel is warmer in tone and has the feel of... READ MORE

Cognac Bistro

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: French - Price: $$, $12 to $24

455 Harvard St, Brookline

Informal bistro with some truly amazing food, such as house-made gnocchi, mussel meats a l’escargot,... READ MORE

Columbus Cafe

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: 3f3624ca-e299-471e-bbdb-dfa567dbc166

535 Columbus Ave, Boston

Con Sol [CLOSED]

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Portuguese - Price: $12 to $16

279A Broadway, Cambridge

It's back to the future in this sweet little ethnic storefront full of savory Iberian (mostly Portuguese) food at prices that time forgot. Don't miss... READ MORE


3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Tapas, Italian - Price: $11 to $15

253 Shawmut Ave, Boston

It appears there isn’t anything that Team Oringer-Bissonnette can’t do freakishly well. We thought it... READ MORE

Darryl's Corner Bar & Kitchen

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: American - Price: $9 to $24

604 Columbus Ave, Boston

Darryl Settles, who turned Bob the Chef’s into Bob’s Southern Bistro 20 years ago, is... READ MORE

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Steak House - Price: $$$$, $32 to $89

250 Northern Ave, Boston

Not cheap, not terribly innovative, but they've got outstanding harbor views, great service, enjoyable food... READ MORE

Dumpling Cafe

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Taiwanese, Chinese - Price: $, $6 to $20

695 Washington St, Allston-Brighton

Great soup dumplings, but google instructions before going, because they can be messy or even... READ MORE


4 4 Stars

Cuisine: b16180c0-5452-406c-8c74-8c97b54c2c90

69 Church St, Boston

Erbaluce has some unusual spices and herbs, uncommon ingredients, and novel combinations, but an all-Italian... READ MORE

Flat Breads Cafe

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: American

11 Comm Ave, Chestnut Hill

Floating Rock

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Thai - Price: $, $8 to $18

485 Mass Ave, Inman Square

Vividly flavored food in a gorgeous room brings back memories of the first wave of... READ MORE

Foundry on Elm

3 3 Stars

- Price: $$, $9 to $19

255 Elm St, Somerville

A vast sweeping bar-restaurant inside a modest storefront. The menu straddles comfort and bistro themes... READ MORE

Franklin Café

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: a925d633-5f14-4539-8a41-496f59b5c57f

278 Shawmut Ave, South End

A hidden location, a modest sign, and a considerable reputation for simple dishes with a twist of brilliance — and it all works, nightly, for... READ MORE

Franklin Southie

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: 0c6d6617-f82e-4960-bc4a-135643237b4d - Price: $17 to $20

152 Dorchester Ave, Boston

Another pretty seamless application of the Franklin Cafe formula: bistro food with one creative twist... READ MORE

Friendly Toast

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Bistro, American - Price: $6 to $13

1 Kendall Square, Cambridge

Serving up classic comfort food and nostalgia, the best diners take you on a trip... READ MORE

The Gallows

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: French, Fusion, American - Price: $9 to $28

1395 Washington St, Boston

Another worthy exponent of the gastropub ethos, chef Seth Morrison brings extraordinary care to pub-like... READ MORE

Ginger Park [CLOSED]

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Fusion, Thai - Price: $6 to $19

1375 Washington St, Boston

It's no longer the loudest restaurant in Boston, but still one of the prettiest. Ginger Park, formerly called Banq and now featuring fusion small plates... READ MORE

Great Taste Bakery and Restaurant

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Bakery, Chinese - Price: $5 to $14

61-63 Beach St, Boston

Great Taste serves up piping hot and crisp versions of Chinese-American classics and authentic South... READ MORE

The Haven

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Pub Food - Price: $9 to $17

2 Perkins St, Jamaica Plain

Hei La Moon

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese

88 Beach St, Leather District

On the other side of the surface artery from Chinatown proper, and oddly formal, but... READ MORE

Il Casale

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Italian - Price: $$$, $15 to $24

50 Leonard St, Belmont

If you want to experience Dante de Magistris, the star chef, visit the eponymous Dante at the Cambridge Royal Sonesta hotel. READ MORE

Island Creek Oyster Bar

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Seafood - Price: $$$

500 Commonwealth Ave, Kenmore-BU

Remember when an oyster was just an oyster? Yeah, neither do we. That’s because we’ve... READ MORE


3 3 Stars

- Price: $, $13 to $18

237 Holland St, Somerville

So many Turkish restaurants, so few spare calories. The pitch here is home cooking, being... READ MORE

Kebab Factory

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Indian

, Boston

The Kebab Factory hides some wonderfully vivid dishes behind a commonplace name. It also sneaks... READ MORE

Khayyam Restaurant

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Persian - Price: $11 to $23

404 Harvard Street, Brookline

Wonderful Persian food, and bound to improve when they go back to traditional rice pilaffs. At the opening the big news was kebabs, the mixed... READ MORE

Lineage Restaurant

4 4 Stars

242 Harvard St, Coolidge Corner

There are at least three kinds of lineage invoked here. One is that chef-owner Jeremy... READ MORE

Lord Hobo

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Pub Food, Beer - Price: $9 to $27

92 Hampshire St, Cambridge

The food at Lord Hobo is very good, but don’t go if you don’t love fresh, extreme draught beers, because the beer is the uniquely... READ MORE

Max & Dylan's Kitchen & Bar

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: a925d633-5f14-4539-8a41-496f59b5c57f - Price: $9 to $20

15 West St, Boston

This ownership group defied one taboo with good food near the State House, at Scollay Square. Now they've taken the same food into a more... READ MORE

Max & Dylan's Kitchen & Bar Charlestown

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: a925d633-5f14-4539-8a41-496f59b5c57f - Price: $9 to $20

1 Chelsea Street, Charlestown

This ownership group defied one taboo with good food near the State House, at Scollay Square. Now they've taken the same food into a more... READ MORE

Middlesex Lounge

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Bistro, Fusion, Asian, cuisine

315 Mass Ave, Central Square

This stylish, minimalist eatery near MIT is a classy lunch spot serving exotic sandwiches by day and attracting a hip crowd at night for tapas.... READ MORE


3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Pizza, Italian - Price: $$, $11 to $21

90 North Washington St., North End

Just around the corner from the North End, this stylish pizzeria/enoteca (or "authentic Italian cuisine... READ MORE

Neptune Oyster

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: b16180c0-5452-406c-8c74-8c97b54c2c90

63 Salem St #1, Boston

They have a dozen kinds of raw oysters, and the best fried clams our critic... READ MORE

78 Result(s) : Page 1 of 2

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