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Asana at the Mandarin Oriental


Cuisine: Fusion, Asian - Price: $18 to $31

776 Boylston St, Boston

A well-thought-out luxury dining room with just enough fusion food to add personality.  READ MORE

Blue Ginger


Cuisine: Fusion, Asian

583 Washington St, Wellesley

Ming Tsai’s celebrity hasn’t ruined Blue Ginger, just made it a little harder to get... READ MORE

Bombay Club

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Indian

1415 Washington Street, Boston

Inching above Boston standards, Bombay Club offers a familiar menu in unfamiliarly airy, contemporary surroundings.... READ MORE

Bon Savor


Cuisine: Bistro, French, Fusion - Price: $

605 Centre St, Jamaica Plain-Roslindale

This cozy french eatery boasts great salads, delicious raw Island Creek oysters and summer coq... READ MORE

Bubor Cha Cha

2 2 Stars

Cuisine: Fusion, fusion, Malaysian - Price: $7 to $18

45 Beach St, Boston

This room, done up in a mock Trader Vic style with plasma TVs, doesn’t have a promising look. Some of the food was uneven in... READ MORE

Cafe Escadrille


Cuisine: French, Fusion, American - Price: $$, $19.95 to $65

26 Cambridge St, Burlington

This Burlington landmark has been in the business of serving fine cuisine for over 35... READ MORE

Café Neva


Cuisine: Fusion

429 Benefit St, Pawtucket

Cafe Paragon


Cuisine: Fusion, fusion, International - Price: $5 to $16

234 Thayer St, Providence

Over the years we have won several awards in RI Monthly and the Providence Pheonix, among them for Best Burgers, Best Salad and Best Octopus... READ MORE



Cuisine: Fusion, American - Price: $$, $15 to $28

300 Technology Square, Inman Square

Initially uncertain about how much of the grand Aujourd’hui style to import to the geek-town... READ MORE

Cha Fahn: A Tea Room [CLOSED]


Cuisine: Fusion, Asian

763 Centre St, Jamaica Plain-Roslindale

Dark, meditative, and minimalist, but Cha Fahn keeps adding entrées and sakes to their core... READ MORE



Cuisine: French, Fusion, Asian - Price: $30 to $39

370A Comm Ave , Back Bay

Clio's Ken Oringer is capable of doing things with food that almost no one else... READ MORE


1 1 Stars

Cuisine: Fusion, American - Price: $$$, Valet parking $16, $21 to $38

371 Commonwealth Ave, Back Bay

Intended to be a neighborhood restaurant, Deuxave has the arranged food, fine service, and some... READ MORE

Dosa Factory


Cuisine: Fusion, Indian, Chinese - Price: $

571 Mass Ave, Central Square

It's easy to overlook Dosa, hidden as it is at the back of Shalimar Gourmet... READ MORE

Fire & Ice


Cuisine: Fusion

50 Church St, Cambridge

Fast, fun, and flexible. Fire & Ice crosses Benihana with a salad bar, so you... READ MORE

The Gallows

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: French, Fusion, American - Price: $9 to $28

1395 Washington St, Boston

Another worthy exponent of the gastropub ethos, chef Seth Morrison brings extraordinary care to pub-like... READ MORE

Garden at the Cellar


Cuisine: Fusion, American

991 Mass Ave, Cambridge

Ginger Park [CLOSED]

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Fusion, Thai - Price: $6 to $19

1375 Washington St, Boston

It's no longer the loudest restaurant in Boston, but still one of the prettiest. Ginger Park, formerly called Banq and now featuring fusion small plates... READ MORE

Infusions Tea Spa


Cuisine: Fusion

110 Brighton Ave, Allston-Brighton

Jacky's Table


Cuisine: French, Fusion - Price: $10 to $15

1414 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton

Entry-level French food is the intention, and it can be successful, on dishes like the appetizer pates, the side vegetables, the roast chicken, and the... READ MORE


1 1 Stars

Cuisine: Fusion

10 Avery St, Chinatown

Features art from the hotel's $1 million collection, including a glass sculpture from artist Ben... READ MORE



Cuisine: Fusion

1280 Beacon St, Coolidge Corner

Ledge Kitchen and Drinks


Cuisine: Fusion, American - Price: $$, $11 to $25

2261 Dorchester Ave, Dorchester-Mattapan

Don’t let the long menu fool you. This is a place to have fairly simple... READ MORE



Cuisine: French, Fusion, Indian

52 Temple St, Downtown

Chain-metal curtains? You would think a goth hot spot but it’s just the opposite. Mantra... READ MORE

Mi Pueblito Restaurant


Cuisine: Fusion, Mexican, Salvadorean

333 Border St, East Boston

Mi Pueblito serves up Salvadorean/Guatemalan/Mexican cuisine all day long. In the morning, they've got heaping... READ MORE

Middlesex Lounge

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Bistro, Fusion, Asian, cuisine

315 Mass Ave, Central Square

This stylish, minimalist eatery near MIT is a classy lunch spot serving exotic sandwiches by day and attracting a hip crowd at night for tapas.... READ MORE



Cuisine: Fusion, Latin America

300 Beacon St, East Somerville

Casual Latin fusion cuisine with a focus on traditional regional dishes READ MORE



Cuisine: New American, Fusion, Asian - Price: Entrée price for 2 people ranging from $75 to $125, Entrée price for 2 people ranging from $75 to $125

525 South Water St, Providence



Cuisine: Fusion, Indian, Asian - Price: $$$, $3 to $15

450 Mass Ave, Inman Square

A quirky, long space showcases Asian small plates created by fusion chef Patricia Yeo. Creative... READ MORE



Cuisine: Fusion, American, Asian, Food Truck

70 Carleton St, Cambridge

2001 winner for best food truck, Momogoose offers heaping portions of pan-asian fare. Out of... READ MORE

Mumbai Chopstix

2 2 Stars

Cuisine: Fusion, fusion, Indian, Chinese - Price: $9 to $22

254 Newbury St., Boston

Some great simple food here, and some unusual dishes with Indian spices and Chinese techniques. Also a lot of familiar-looking dishes hedging the bet. Avoid... READ MORE

Om Restaurant & Lounge


Cuisine: Fusion, Asian

92 Winthrop St, Cambridge

Om is awfully chic for a place claiming to put us “visually at one with the universe,” but its ambiance is undeniably seeped in Tibetan... READ MORE

Petit Robert Central


Cuisine: French, Fusion - Price: $$

101 Arch St, Downtown

We’ve been tough on Jacky Robert’s little empire — as his formula of pre-Julia-Child-style French... READ MORE



Cuisine: Fusion, American

352A Mass Ave, East Arlington

Behind the curious name lurks a cheery, if bare-bones, corner restaurant entirely dedicated to the... READ MORE

River Gods


Cuisine: Pub Food, Fusion, Irish, Thai, Korean

125 River St, Central Square

A small, very cool bar that serves a globetrotting menu at nice prices to a... READ MORE

Ruby Room

1 1 Stars

Cuisine: Pub Food, Fusion

155 Portland Street, Downtown

This crimson oasis has 45 seats, including curved banquettes. The black granite bar glistens thanks... READ MORE

Saigon Restaurant


Cuisine: Fusion, Vietnamese

305 Meridian St, East Boston

Saigon fuses Cantonese, Thai and even some French influences in their flavorful Vietnamese dishes. Fresh... READ MORE

Sam's at Louis


Cuisine: Fusion, American, Seafood

60 Northern Ave, Boston

Situated right at the top of the new Louis Boston building at Fan Pier, Sam's... READ MORE



Cuisine: Fusion, Indian, Italian, Mediterranean

215 Charles St, Beacon Hill

Imprisonment in Scampo probably wouldn't drive you to plot a jailbreak. Instead, you'd be tempted... READ MORE

Staff Meal Food Truck


Cuisine: French, Fusion, Food Truck

162-166 Spring Street, Roxbury

With City Hall’s bigger and better food-truck schedule this year, you’ll hopefully be seeing a... READ MORE

Towne Stove and Spirits


Cuisine: Fusion, American, Seafood

900 Boylston St, Back Bay

One of the most headline-grabbing openings of 2010 belonged to Towne, a huge, shiny playground... READ MORE



Cuisine: Bistro, Fusion, Asian - Price: $$, $12 to $20

1704 Beacon St, Brookline

Don’t let the name fool you, this is a bistro with some Asian fusion touches,... READ MORE

Vito's Tavern


Cuisine: Fusion, American, Asian - Price: $, $11 to $17

54 Salem St, Boston

Despite the incongruities of a North End sports bar with tacos and Asian flavorings, your... READ MORE

42 Result(s) : Page 1 of 1

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