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Asian Garden Seafood Restaurant


Cuisine: Seafood, Chinese

28 Harrison St, Chinatown

Fish tanks in the basement entryway promise superb Hong Kong–style seafood. The kitchen delivers with... READ MORE

Beijing Cafe


Cuisine: Chinese

728 Commonwealth Avenue, Kenmore-BU

Beijing On the Common


Cuisine: Chinese

62 Boylston St, Boston

Beijing Taste


Cuisine: Chinese

99 Cambridge St # A, Charlestown



Cuisine: Chinese

199 Boylston St. at the Mall at Chestnut Hill, Chestnut Hill

Big Fish Seafood


Cuisine: Seafood, Chinese

18-20 Tyler St, Chinatown

The latest winner in Chinatown's race to live-tank seafood, Big Fish gets clear, bright flavors... READ MORE

Bombay Club

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Indian

1415 Washington Street, Boston

Inching above Boston standards, Bombay Club offers a familiar menu in unfamiliarly airy, contemporary surroundings.... READ MORE

Buddha’s Delight [CLOSED]


Cuisine: Vegetarian, Chinese

5 Beach St [second floor], Chinatown

Chinese and Vietnamese Buddhist-temple cuisine, strictly vegan (except for condensed milk in some drinks) imitations... READ MORE

Buk Kyung II

1 1 Stars

Cuisine: Korean, Chinese

151 Brighton Ave, Allston

Very cool dinner spot for young Korean-Americans where they get a style of noodles so... READ MORE

Café China


Cuisine: Chinese

1245 Cambridge St, Inman Square

A small, elegant restaurant characterized by contemporary Chinese cuisine, decor, and ambiance. Jazz background music,... READ MORE

Chang Sho Restaurant


Cuisine: Chinese

1712 Massachusetts Ave, Huron Village



Cuisine: Chinese

1712 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

An elegant survivor from the great days of Cambridge Szechuan restaurants, especially if you stick... READ MORE

Chau Chow City


Cuisine: Chinese

83 Essex St, Leather District

A vast, somewhat glitzy room at the top of the solid pyramid of Chau Chow... READ MORE

Chef Changs


Cuisine: Chinese

, Boston

Chef Choy’s House [CLOSED]


Cuisine: Chinese

354 Chestnut Hill Ave, Allston-Brighton

Not a top-notch Mandarin-Szechuan restaurant, but a big step up for Cleveland Circle. Go for... READ MORE

Chef Lee’s Gourmet Chinese


Cuisine: Chinese

296-298 Beacon St, Somerville

Chef John Lee, formerly of Café China, brings back the high-powered, distinctively flavored Szechuan food... READ MORE

Chilli Garden


Cuisine: Chinese

41 Riverside Avenue, Medford

China Delight


Cuisine: Chinese

524 Somerville Ave, Union Square

China House of North End Inc


Cuisine: Chinese

331 Hanover St, North End

China Pearl


Cuisine: Chinese

9 Tyler St, Chinatown

Actually the perfect three-generational night out, as this revived dinosaur of Chinatown scores with fried... READ MORE

Chinatown Seafood Restaurant


Cuisine: Chinese

1306 Beacon St [Coolidge Corner], Coolidge Corner

Yup, darn close to Hong Kong seafood in landlocked Brookline. The former Noble House has... READ MORE

Chinese Gourmet Express


Cuisine: Chinese

8 Park Plz # F3, Boston

Chung Shin Yuan


Cuisine: Chinese

183 California St, Newton

Weekdays, this is another run-of-the-mill Mandarin/Szechuan restaurant. But the Taiwanese brunch here on Saturdays and... READ MORE

Ding Ho Restaurant


Cuisine: Chinese

88 Harrison Ave, Chinatown

Dosa Factory


Cuisine: Fusion, Indian, Chinese - Price: $

571 Mass Ave, Central Square

It's easy to overlook Dosa, hidden as it is at the back of Shalimar Gourmet... READ MORE

Dumpling Cafe

4 4 Stars

Cuisine: Taiwanese, Chinese - Price: $, $6 to $20

695 Washington St, Allston-Brighton

Great soup dumplings, but google instructions before going, because they can be messy or even... READ MORE

East Asia


Cuisine: Thai, Chinese

868 Broadway [Powderhouse Square], West Somerville

A tiny, out-of-the-way place with great, great Asian food. The menu is North Chinese and... READ MORE

East By Northeast

2 2 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese - Price: $4 to $11

1128 Cambridge St, Cambridge

This is all small plates, and it isn't your grandfather's Chinese restaurant, nor is it... READ MORE

East Ocean City


Cuisine: Seafood, Chinese

25-29 Beach St, Chinatown

Handsomely decorated Cantonese–Hong Kong restaurant that actually nets a fish from the dining-room tank for... READ MORE

Empires Garden


Cuisine: Chinese

690 Washington St, Chinatown

Huge, somewhat impersonal, but very handy dining rooms serving dim sum (teahouse snacks and dumplings)... READ MORE

Food Wall Chinese Restaurant


Cuisine: Chinese/Asian, Chinese

387 Centre St, Jamaica Plain-Roslindale

Fortune House


Cuisine: American, Chinese

1800 Mendon Rd, Cumberland

Golden Temple


Cuisine: Chinese

1651 Beacon St, Brookline

Open, if not unchanged, since 1959, the Temple stands as a testament to the old joke about Jews and Chinese food (Brookline, after all, is... READ MORE

Gourmet Dumpling House


Cuisine: Chinese - Price: $

52 Beach St, Chinatown

This ostensibly Taiwanese storefront in Chinatown covers a broad range of northern and southern Chinese... READ MORE

Gourmet Seafood


Cuisine: Chinese

46 Beach St, Chinatown

An enormous English-language menu, even by Chinatown standards, but Hong Kong seafood -- much of... READ MORE



Cuisine: Chinese

1 North Beacon St, Allston-Brighton

Vegan dining reaches new heights of elegance and excellence in this Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant entirely without... READ MORE

Great Taste Bakery and Restaurant

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Bakery, Chinese - Price: $5 to $14

61-63 Beach St, Boston

Great Taste serves up piping hot and crisp versions of Chinese-American classics and authentic South... READ MORE

Guangzhou Restaurant


Cuisine: Chinese

1220 Cambridge St, Central Square

Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant


Cuisine: Chinese

296 Beacon St, Union Square

Hei La Moon

3 3 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese

88 Beach St, Leather District

On the other side of the surface artery from Chinatown proper, and oddly formal, but... READ MORE

Hong Kong Café


Cuisine: Chinese

1271 Boylston St, Fenway

Inside the Howard Johnson hotel, Hong Kong Cafe serves up Chinese-American favorites like boneless pork... READ MORE

Hong Kong Eatery


Cuisine: Chinese

79 Harrison Ave, Chinatown

Hong Kong at Harvard Square


Cuisine: Chinese

1238 Massachusetts Ave, Huron Village

Hot Pot Buffet

2 2 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese - Price: $15 to $20

70 Beach St, Boston

I'm not a big fan of the Mongolian hot pot scene, but this is the... READ MORE

House of Chang

2 2 Stars

Cuisine: Chinese - Price: $8 to $14

282 Concord St, Cambridge

House of Chang is a big step up in terms of both food and comfort (but not comfort food) from it’s tired predecessor in this... READ MORE

Hsin Hsin Chinese Noodle Restaurant


Cuisine: Chinese - Price: $6 to $10

25 Mass Ave, Back Bay

A great little restaurant with a short menu full of clean, sharp flavors. Emphasizing soups... READ MORE

Imperial Seafood Restaurant [CLOSED]


Cuisine: Seafood, Chinese

70 Beach St, Leather District

The downstairs of the famous dim sum restaurant, full of big round tables for large... READ MORE

International Buddhist Progress Society


Cuisine: Vegetarian, Chinese

950 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

At the Greater Boston Buddhist Cultural Center near Harvard Square, patrons can enjoy inexpensive vegetarian lunches courtesy of chef Xiao Min Le and contemplate their... READ MORE

Island Hopper

1 1 Stars

Cuisine: Asian, Thai, Chinese, Malaysian - Price: $9 to $20

91 Mass Ave, Back Bay

A pretty room with an eager-to-please attitude and a bewildering pan-Asian menu. The core is... READ MORE

Joyful Garden


Cuisine: Chinese

1234 Soldiers Field Rd, Allston-Brighton

Long communal tables make this Chinese restaurant, located inside the Days Hotel, family-friendly, while lunch... READ MORE

109 Result(s) : Page 1 of 3

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