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Salem Wax Museum and Frankenstein's Laboratory

288 Derby St, Salem, MA
978.740.2929   |  website
  • Neighborhood: Salem
The Wax Museum recounts Salem history (mainly witch hysteria plus a little China trade and pirates) via life-sized figures in dioramas including Salem founder Roger Conant, hanging 1692 Judge John Hathorne, his descendent Nathaniel Hawthorne (who politely holds a “do not touch” sign in his hand), and “Lusty Bridget Bishop” (you can tell by the way she hikes up her skirt to reveal her … ankle), the first to be convicted and hung for witchcraft. These figures are among the most realistic in town— though the flesh tends to be too orange, eyes often look in wrong directions, and limbs bend at awkward angles. Downstairs a second attraction, the haunted house Frankenstein's Lab, offers cobwebs, a bloody lady in a coffin, a wolfman and a laboratory table that clonks up and down. Its mishmash of styles resembles a ransacked party store, but that doesn’t keep performers from startling you by leaping out of dark corners
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