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Big Digits is a rap/danceattack/computerkiller project based in Cambridge, MA. MC Mac Swell and TD are the two primary components handling beats, rhymes, and death defying live shows but have recently added the phenomenal live re-mixing and WiiJ skills of DJ Mark E. Moon. Big Digits consistently play shows in and around the Boston area, varying in venues from basements, to arenas, to art galleries, and college dorms. They have also toured across North America several times, being met with both enthusiastic acclaim and swarms of this continent's dancing sweaty youth. While keeping the original spirit of rap music nearby, they explore the possibilities and avenues of a genre without heed to the dogma or orthodoxy of any style of music. Basically, they make the music that they want and want to make: the music that moves the people. Having been described in variety of ways from: "art rap nonsense" (The Village Voice) to "twisted genius" (The Northeast Performer) to "You guys dress like mummies and hit drums and dance, that shit's awesome" (some dude on the street), they kind of all fit.

Filed under: Boston indie, mc, nocore, Old School Hip Hop, seen in concert

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