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Cold War Kids + Baths

March 22 2011
15 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: indie rock, glitch-hop, anticon, ambient, indie, electronic, lo-fi, american, rock, alternative

Long Beach alt-rockers Cold War Kids have changed speeds a bit since the considerable success of their 2006 debut, Robbers & Cowards. The Kids’ dark, slightly melancholy, very New York sound has evolved into something more upbeat, and a bit less edgy. But what they’ve gained in commercial marketability they haven’t lost in frontman Nathan Willett's soulful vocals or in fan devotion. Let’s just say the Kids have grown up a bit. Here’s hoping they give play time to all their albums tonight, with synth bedroom-popper Baths.

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Cold War Kids are an indie rock band from Fullerton, California, USA. Band members are Nathan Willett (lead vocals, piano, guitar), Jonnie Russell (guitar, vocals,...

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