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Bayside + Senses Fail + Title Fight + Balance & Composure

Oct 22 2010
279 Tremont St, Boston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: punk rock, punk, aor, rock, pennsylvania, hardcore, straight edge, hip hop, alternative, emo, melodic hardcore, screamo

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Formed in October of 2000, Bayside consisted of four musicians looking for a chance to play music the rest of their lives. They recorded a...

Senses Fail is a New Jersey, United States based band. They are influenced by many spiritual beliefs, which manifest themselves in their lyrics and musical...

Title Fight is a band from Kingston, PA, USA that combines elements of pop punk and melodic hardcore. They are currently signed to Run For...

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) An American pop rock group. 2) A Slovak rock band from Bratislava. 3) A Swedish straight edge...

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