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Vivian Girls + Widowspeak + Girlfriends

Sept 19 2011
1222 Comm Ave, Allston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: oldies, rock, punk, female vocalists, beta-lactam ring, experimental, dream pop, indie rock, shoegaze, noise pop, dream-pop, check out

Can Brooklyn’s all-girl outfit Vivian Girls — who, if y’all recall, became overnight indie darlings with their homonymous low-fi debut back in 2008 — overcome their junior year slump? We hope so. After receiving some fairly middling reviews (at least in comparison with those early huzzahs) of their latest album, Share the Joy, some wonder if the Girls have lost their steam. We think they’ve still got it, which is why you should check them out with fellow Brooklynites Widowspeak and our own widely-exulted Girlfriends.

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There are at least two bands called Vivian Girls; 1) Disbanded Australian punk band from the 90s featuring Kody Abrams (Flesh Vs Venom, Bakelite, etc)...

"Coming from New England, they probably can’t relate to surfer vibes too much, so their output fittingly channels the lo-fi method into kindling for ecstatic...

GIRLFRIENDS may refer to: 1. Jerry Joiner, a dude, from Vancouver, Washington. (download here: 2. A reverbbed-out trashy pop band from Boston, Massachus... Read More

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