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Newbury Comics Cambridge

36 John F. Kennedy St, Cambridge, MA
617.491.0337   |  website
  • Neighborhood: Cambridge
Records were, initially, a sideline at the original Newbury Comics location — though in the years after punk broke, the store was so widely fabled for its knowledge of indie music that national chains would spy on Newbury’s buyers for tips on what to stock. Now that the music industry has fallen apart — and that Newbury has outlasted competitors like Tower Records and HMV — records are becoming a sideline again, as owner Mike Dreese has smartly segued from CDs and DVDs into toys, ephemera, and fashion. But a funny thing is happening: vinyl sales are up, they’re prospering online, and the buyers are still reliable tastemakers — which means that their Boston stores, from Newbury Street to Alewife, are still hidden gems, with fun, friendly staff and head-scratching oddities tucked in well-curated bins.
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