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Animal Collective + Dan Deacon [SOLD OUT]

March 7 2013
15 Lansdowne St, Boston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: electronic, electronica, freak folk, indie, indie rock, folk, experimental, avant-garde

Lest anyone was worried about them wading too deeply into “indie darling” waters, Animal Collective took an abrasive left in 2012, with their most recent Centipede Hz album guiding them from your mom’s iPod into an entirely alternate galaxy. Far more jarring than prior efforts, the LP calls to mind some of their earlier, improv-driven works. How this injection of psychedelia will translate to their live set is anyone’s guess. Actually, never mind, we’ll take a stab: expect a lot of spinny sounds and a temporary loss of reality.

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Animal Collective is a New York City/Washington, D.C/Lisbon based music collective of avant-garde musicians from Baltimore, Maryland. Animal Collective consists of Avey Tare (David Port... Read More

Dan Deacon (born 1981) is a Baltimore, Maryland-based electronic music composer/performer. He attended the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College in Purchase, New York, where...

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