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Further Seems Forever + Hostage Calm

Feb 7 2013
52 Church St, Cambridge, MA   (view map)

Filed under: rock, indie, hardcore punk, connecticut, punk, emo, melodic hardcore, christian, hardcore, alternative

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, you can give those achy breaky heart strings a tug with one of our favorite veteran emo bands, Further Seems Forever, when the original line-up comes together for a show at the Sinclair. The Moon Is Down sound-tracked many a heartbreak session in our emo youth, so you bet your black eyeliner and skinny jeans we’ll be there, reminiscing like whoa tonight.

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Further Seems Forever (often abbreviated FSF) was an emotionally driven rock band based in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States that formed after the breakup of...

Hostage Calm is a Hardcore/Punk band from Wallingford, CT USA.

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