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Finch [performing 'What It Is To Burn' in its entirety]

March 16 2013
279 Tremont St, Boston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: screamo, post-hardcore, emo, rock, alternative

There are St. Patrick’s Day-weekend alternatives to swilling green beer in the streets with a pack of green-clad bros. Like rocking out in a dark club to old-school emo via one of our favorite emo/screamo bands of all time, Finch. Like many of our other fave bands of the genre (NFG, TBS), Finch are celebrating the 10th anniversary (man, we feel old) of their signature album, What It Is To Burn. As such, they’ll be playing the album in its entirety. If you weren’t lucky enough to escape town to Austin for SXSW this weekend, here’s your best bet for non-Celtic tunes and a non-“Kiss Me I’m Irish” T-shirt wardrobe.

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Finch is an American post-hardcore band from Temecula, California. They reformed from hiatus in November 2007 after a two year break. They have completed a...

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