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Field Report + Sean Lowe + Jacob Augustine + DJ Carbo

July 18 2012
1222 Comm Ave, Allston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: folk, rock, rnb, seen live, hip-hop

If you were Justin Vernon’s bandmate (in psych-folk group DeYarmond Edison) just before Bon Iver blew up and took over the world with their lovely, sleepily pastoral indie-folk, you might be smarting a little bit right about now. Honestly, some bearded dudes have all the luck. But if the words Christopher Porterfield sings on “I’m Not Waiting Anymore” off of Field Report’s eponymous debut LP are true, his big break is just around the next wooded glen. Because this band is damn good. Marked by the same spare, beautiful folk as that other band — and roughed up a bit by Porterfield’s gruffer vocals — we have a feeling they’re on their way.

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