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Neil Young & Crazy Horse + Patti Smith

Nov 26 2012
100 Legends Way, Boston, MA   (view map)

Filed under: alternative, female vocalists, singer-songwriter, rock, punk

So is it, like, hip to be into Neil Young now (again)? It would appear so, if the recent spate of chillwave Young covers we’ve seen popping up on the interwebz (see Andrew Graham’s November 2 Phoenix story) is any indication. We’re proud to say we’ve been down with old Neil the whole damn time. So we’ll be grooving to the rock legend — who we’d bet good money thinks “chillwave” is some sort of newfangled surf slang — tonight with his band Crazy Horse and the inimitable Patti Smith.

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Patricia Lee "Patti" Smith (born December 30, 1946 in Chicago) is an American singer–songwriter, poet and visual artist who was a highly influential component of...

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