Romney's Insane Withdrawal Speech

Pornography contributes to out-of-wedlock pregnancy, particularly among racial minorities. Liberals pursue a relentless attack on religion, culture, and the Constitution. Entitlement programs are a poison destroying the culture upon which rest our economic development and superpower status. Abortion and Godlessness is turning Europe into a Muslim-dominated "disaster." Obama and Clinton have announced plans to declare defeat in the war on terror. A Democratic victory in November would guarantee terrorist attacks on US soil.

That's what Mitt Romney now believes, based on what he said in his withdrawal speech at CPAC.

There is no evidence that he really does believe any of this nonsense, or ever has believed it. You certainly won't find any of it in his book, "Turnaround," or in anything he said as governor. You don't get any sense from those who know him that he ever believed anything like this.

Perhaps he got persuaded by a few John Gibson and Michelle Malkin books or something. Oh well. I can't wait to hear his speech at the GOP convention.

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