Mitt 2012!

Mitt Romney could have fought on, trying to deny John McCain a majority going into the convention and then convincing Mike Huckabee's delegates to go with him because McCain hates God. But perhaps he's learned an important lesson about the Republican Party: they always nominate someone who has proven his loyalty to the party.

That's why I predicted from the start, and never stopped predicting, that they would nominate McCain. Sure, they would take a look at more interesting, exciting, and ideologically pure candidates, but McCain was the only one in the field who had really proven his loyalty to the GOP -- by supporting candidates nationally, and of course by turning around and supporting GW Bush in 2000.

Romney, by bowing out, supporting McCain, and bashing the Dems (who apparently intend to surrender to the terrorists as soon as they enter office), has put himself in excellent position for the '12 nomination (assuming McCain loses this November).

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