Unsexiest Men '11: Politics Ain't Pretty

We'd actually be hard-pressed to find many politicians who don't skeeve us just a little (honestly, some of the crap these guys--and gals--are putting out there these days make Clinton's indiscretion seem G-rated. Come to think of it, Clinton is still one of the sexiest politicians we've had in office since the Kennedy days.) Politics has always had its dark and slimy underbelly but lately it seems distinctly slimier. Case in point: some of the politicians we rounded up for this year's Unsexy List. From unabashed homophobes to alleged rapists to insufferable's almost enough to make you not want to vote at all. (Just kidding, P. Diddy will still have you killed if you don't.) Here are five of the skeeviest....

By the time our Unsexy issue had gone to press, Perry hadn't yet released this jaw-droppingly foul (and ridiculous) anti-gay (and pro.....Christmas?) PSA. Makes you fear for what's next....

This guys just irks the shit out of us. We'll let this --awesome-- comic montage of pieced together Cain quotes explain. (He could have said this stuff. That's the thing.)

Whether he did or he didn't--and let's face it, he probably did--this guy's still a creep of major proportions.

This dude conducts "homosexuality curing" clinics but couldn't scare the gay out of himself? Come out of the closet already and stop being such a raging hypocrite. Also, you'd get to finally escape Michele, prolly. 

One of the nastiest Republicans around (and that's saying a lot.) Plus, Homeboy. Is. Hideous.

To check out [and VOTE on] the rest of our picks for Unsexiest Politicians go to the and for the full list of Unsexiest Men of 2011 go to

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