Meet the Mayor: Allston

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Thom Martin

Does this mean you've taken over for Mr. Butch?
He's still the mayor and always will be. I don't believe Foursquare existed when he was alive.

Is it possible to use Foursquare from the afterlife? Technology is crazy these days...
If Mr. Butch could speak from beyond, I'd prefer he use Twitter, rather than see where he's checking in for lunch. Foursquare isn't really conversational. If Mr. Butch had an iPhone, we'd see some interesting Facebook posts.

Maybe this story has already been published (or exaggerated - ed.), but my friend told me about this one time Mr. Butch was down on Harvard Ave. He grabbed a mattress out of the trash, put it down on the sidewalk, and started having sex with a girl on this shitty mattress. People kept walking by. Eventually, someone broke it up. My biggest fascination with that is...Was she into him because he was charming, attractive, or had a big dick, or because he had such notoriety that it was like fucking a rock star?

Well, he got that notoriety from being charming, attractive, and his big dick. So it was all four.
That's food for a thought you really don't want in your head.

Want to be interviewed about your Foursquare mayorship? Give us a shout: tweet @bostonphoenix or email And for tips, friend us:

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