Two Mandatory Do The Right Thing Events for This Weekend: Hip-Hop Hoops & Youth Arts Empowerment

Here at the Phoenix, we try and walk the walk. Call it advocacy journalism if you want, but we find it important to connect with the communities we cover.

With that said, the summer brings some amazing events - events that are, in some cases, fun enough to make you feel guilty for having such a good time in the name of social justice. This weekend's no exception:

First off - the Nigerian American Community Organization (NACO) has an Arts Initiative Open House on Saturday, August 20th. Basically, they're looking for high school students who are dedicated to creative endeavors like photography and writing, and who are interested in learning from accomplished local instructors. It all goes down at the Blackstone Community Center from 11am to 4pm. I can't stress this enough: if you know a kid who could use this kind of outlet, get his or her ass down there. More on the NACO event HERE.


Secondly - there's a huge basketball tournament going down this Sunday (August 21st) in the name of peace. Cindy Diggs and her Peace Boston squad are going hard these days - not just meeting for the sake of meeting, but meeting for the sake of throwing massive events like this. In case some people haven't noticed, the streets are extremely volatile right now. But during long hot summers, groups like Peace Boston make sure that young people who want positive outlets find those opportunities. This time, kids, adults, teens, and everybody in between will be lacing up at the Reggie Lewis Center, and running full court with some of Boston's hip-hop pioneers. Should be a great time, and if you can't make it, they could always use some donations. Peace Boston operates without any fancy underwriters or city money. They need your support.



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