Ten insane things about the world we couldn't prove until yesterday [thanks Wikileaks!]

BOMB, BOMB IRAN. Saudi Arabia wanted us to whack Iran to stop them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. Jordan and Bahrain did, too. And George Bush isn't the only one who thinks Iran is evil: Egypt and the United Arab Emirates think so, too. 

GUARDIAN: Saudi Arabia urges US attack on Iran

NYTIMES: Iran Stirs Distress in Middle East

HILLARY: "ALL YR UNITED NATIONS BELONG TO US." The State Department ordered the CIA, the FBI, and diplomatic offices at home and overseas to collect some crazy-detailed information -- from Blackberry passwords and network configurations to retina scans and DNA samples -- on allies and frenemies at the UN, including the secretary general. And if you're wondering, yes, that's totally a violation of some treaties we've signed.

GUARDIAN: US Diplomats spied on UN leaders

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