House votes to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy

Iraq War veteran Patrick Murphy, D-Pennsylvania, offered the amendment, reported ABC News. Of course John McCain is fully against the notion and vows to fight it. Why am I not surprised? For such a respectable military careerman, he sure has a short path of vision when it comes to civil rights -- hello Arizona immigration law!
The changes are not in effect yet, of course, the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act would only take effect 60 days after a study by the Department of Defense and a certification by the U.S. Defense Secretary, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Obama that the repeal would not harm military effectiveness. And no one is sure if that will come at all or come any time soon.
“Our military is made up of the best and bravest men and women in our nation, and my greatest honor is leading them as commander in chief,” quoted Obama from a statement. “This legislation will help make our armed forces even stronger and more inclusive by allowing gay and lesbian soldiers to serve honestly and with integrity.” 
Just like with the desegregation of blacks and whites in the 50s and 60s, there is going to be a time period of backlash with this policy upheaval (if it happens....when it happens) -- I think most servicemen (gay or straight) can foresee that. But that is no reason to stop progress and restrict the rights of Americans wanting to serve their country. Blocking any American from serving their country goes against the very foundation of this nation-- freedom.
Besides, continuing this policy also goes against progress and puts us behind (in this aspect anyway) many of the other militaries around the world. Of the 26 countries that participate militarily in NATO, more than 20 permit lesbians, gays, or bisexuals to serve openly and of the five permanent members of the UN Security Countil, three countries (United Kingdom, France, and Russia) also allow lesbian and gay servicemen to openly serve, according to Wikipedia. We hardly stand out as a leader in progress when the only other hold-out in the UNSEC is China (not a known leader in any human rights arena to say the least!).
If we are the leader of the FREE world, we have to actually live up to that title. I would love to see all freedoms given to straight people, ie marriages, also be given to the homosexual, bisexual and transgender members of our nation, but this is a great start, let's hope the ball continues to roll down the right path-- the path of civil rights for all Americans.
Happy Memorial Day to all.

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