Harvard Lampoon pile-drives honorary membership onto Stone Cold Steve Austin

Lampoon attempts to roast Stone Cold

There was no ring, no swinging chairs or smashing tables, and his arch enemy, the ever-dastardly Vince McMahon, was some 3,000 miles away prepping for Sunday's WrestleMania. But even while completely out of his element, consummate badass Stone Cold Steve Austin managed to successfully open a can on the Harvard Lampoon during his Friday induction as an honorary member.

The legendary WWE superstar was greeted by a crowd of roughly 40, consisting mostly of Harvard football players and fanboys who caught wind that their boyhood idol was going to be in town. The evening's theme was a Boston Beer Party, a send-up of the Tea Party ('cause he likes beer, get it?). And apparently Stone Cold got the memo, cranking down Bud Diesels, Gansetts, PBRs -- basically any and all brands of oat soda thrust in his general direction.

The reason they were allowed to host a cookout on a crowded city block with open containers galore? Well, it's actually because he is fucking Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the persona he struts on TV each week ain't no shtick. Dude exudes a hardness that suggests telling him what to do would not be in your best interest.

Not sure if his appearance was exactly what the Lampoon was hoping for, though. Austin spent his time mingling amongst the fans, signing autographs and dishing war stories. The induction consisted of three minutes of dryly unfunny roasting. You can check part of it in the video above. One might assume a Harvard education comes with a requisite intelligence level to realize that taking shots at Steve Austin while dressed as a jester is a poor decision. Then again, the lack of laughs insinuates these kids are in fact bright enough to know what's best for them.

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