10 places to escape from your family this Thanksgiving


We love our families, that's why we go visit them every holiday, but there's only so much family-time you can take before you feel compelled to hurl gravy-soaked mashed potatoes at their crazy faces. In order to not cause a scene this year, we've found some perfectly awesome things for you to do this festive weekend to escape your family and feel a moment of total elation and relaxation. 



Stuffed and already hitting your family-limit? Run downtown for the remainder of the night and celebrate with Super Stars at the Roxy, hosted by Zouk artists Michael Benjamin, Alan Cave, and Daan Junior. Thursday, Nov. 26 at 10 pm | $30 per person.



Avoid Black Friday at the mall this year and your entire family by getting some culture. Celebrate indigenous art by perusing the Cultural Survival Bazaar at Cambridge College, Friday thru Sunday, Nov. 27 - 29 | 10 am - 6 pm | Free. 

Get some phat beats into your head and drown out the sound of your nerve-grating siblings with Big Ben from hip-hop group Hot 97 DJs the Black and Pink Affair at Choices Restaurant and Lounge in Somerville. Must be 25+ and fashionably dressed. Friday, Nov. 27 | 8 pm - 2 am | $10 at the door.

The Pixies get back to their Boston roots and help you rock your cares away at the Wang Theater, Friday and Saturday nights, 8 pm | $48 per ticket.

Bring the family to Wachusett Mountain's opening ski day. You can speed ahead or lag behind and avoid the whole lot of 'em while still seeming social. Or ditch them all and catch some zen on top of the mountain. Friday, Nov. 27, from | 9:00am - 10pm | $36 - 49 per ski lift (not including equipment). (See more ski options)



This could be one of your only chances to sush your relatives and get away with it. Bring the fam or ditch them all and head to the MFA's New Japanese Cinema series' wrap-up. Movies Cyborg, She, Vacation, and the Magic Hour are on the menu | 7:30 pm on Friday, Nov. 27; at 1pm  and 3:20pm on Saturday, November 28; and 1:40pm and Sunday, $8-10.

Another chance to get some peace and quiet is at the Harvard Film Archive shows. Godfather I and II as part of its "Gordon Willis: the Man who Shot the Godfather" series will be shown. Coppola's classics might be about family, but we hope they don't remind you of your own relations. Saturday, Nov. 28 and Sunday, Nov. 29 at 7 pm | $9 per person.


Help soothe your soul from your mother's constant and annoying nagging with some poetry at Bromfield Gallery. Local artist Gary Duehr reads from his new poetry book, Think the Worst, a darkly comic remedy to optimism. Saturday, Nov. 28, from 4 - 5 pm, free.



The Mountain Goats bring their unique brand of lo-fi, literary folk-rock to help mellow you out and bring a smile back to your face. At the Wilbur Theatre on Sunday, Nov. 29 at 7:30 p.m. | $22.50 per ticket


Coolidge Cult Cuts hosts a bevy of damn dirty apes during its two-night run of Planet of the Apes where you can sit and remind yourself how much more mature and evolved you are over your ape-like family-members. Saturday, Nov. 28, and Sunday, Nov. 29, at midnight | $9.75 for non-members, $6.75 for members.


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