Leonid meteor shower still visible tonight-tomorrow am


Though I missed the real show -- which was this morning between 3:30 and 5:30 am (but in reality even if I had known there's no way in HELLZ I would be awake that early) -- it is still possible to catch the spectacular Leonid meteor shower tonight/early tomorrow morning.

The Leonid meteor shower, called so because it happens around and near the constellation Leo, is leftovers from the comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle that scattered space dust around the year 1533. The Earth moving through that dust makes these fantastic "shooting stars" throughout the sky. The shower was most visible in Asia and said to have produced hundreds of "shooting stars" per hour, 300 to 500. 

In North America, the sites were less dramatic (30 to 50 or so per hour) and will be even less so tomorrow morning/tonight, but you could catch a few here and there if you look long enough in a dark area (sorry Bostonians, the lights of the city are too blinding for this shower). Good luck!

Catch a great slideshow of the shower from years passed at

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