Thursday: International graf documentary at Church

Jon Reiss’s new graffiti documentary takes us waaay back in time — we’re talking prehistoric cave paintings here — but BOMB IT is far from a cut-and-dried history lesson. Reiss talks to big-time bombers across the globe, from New York graf pioneers Taki 183 and Zephyr and “Andre the Giant Has a Posse”-sticker-dude-turned-Obama-campaign-poster-designer Shepard Fairey to Brazilian twin mural artists Os Gêmeos and Barcelona fish tagger Pez. He also looks at how artists are adapting as street art becomes increasingly mainstream in the wake of being co-opted by marketing and advertising firms, video games, clothing companies, and the high-art world. You can catch a screening at the official Boston-area DVD-release party at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston | 8:30 pm | $10 | 617.236.7600 or Not convinced? Watch this:


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