Project Runway Is Happiness

I'm late to the Project Runway Season 4 rehash game, but rest assured. I've already watched the debut twice (yes, twice) and I can say with a great deal of self-assurance that this is totally my favorite season so far. Not even A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila can top the happiness of Proj Run. Although it's fun to alternate Tila and PR marathons. In fact, I highly recommend it.

So. Simone, the only pretty girl, got voted off. Sad! Heidi Klum doesn't like to be upstaged by quirky-cutes. It's going to be okay, though. I'm not worried. Neither are any of the straight men I know who watch this show without any hand-holding or convincing from yours truly. Although Tim Gunn really does seem... deflated. What's wrong, Tim? I still like Guide to Style, even if the critics say it's a poor-woman's What Not to Wear. I enjoy Tim and Veronica Webb together, I like the presents hes gives away, and I would love to give him a double kiss on the cheeks. Just saying. Elisa, I think, is fantastic. She's so art-school. It's amazing to watch her work. The thing she did with rubbing the chiffon in the grass was magic. I want more. Forever. I already have a soft spot for Rami because he's Israeli and I appreciate his quiet confidence. Plus, his winsome, chic gray dress! And yes, I have a television crush on him. But. I feel like he's a bit too purposeful. We shall see. Oh, one last thing. It really bothered me that the puffed sleeves on Christian's jacket weren't even. I echoed Tim's concerns about that, though Nina Garcia didn't seem to care?! Christian's shtick is extremely loud and proud. Obviously I adore the 'tude. Although if I knew him I would probably be like -- move, bitch. He really is kind of a bitch, right? Except his word for that is Flawless. Or was it Fabulous? Hmmm.

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