Marisha Pessl: Fuck-Me Boots, Round Deux?

It's deal day for Publisher's Lunch Weekly. Fresh out of the inbox:

Marisha Pessl's NIGHT FILM, a psychological thriller about obsession, family loyalty and ambition set in raw contemporary Manhattan, moving to Kate Medina at Random House, by her new agent Amanda Urban at ICM.

Uh, so was that a nice deal? A very nice deal? A good deal? A significant deal? OR A MAJOR DEAL (a/k/a here's a check for half a million dollars, you win the author lotto again!) Inquiring minds are inquiring, and obviously, we wish we knew. While Word Up has been slightly divided and somewhat confused by the way Pessl and her publisher have handled her author publicity, we personally are enormous fans of her work. Special Topics in Calamity Physics was our favorite novel of 2006, after all. Speaking of, you know who should totally play Blue in the movie version? AMBER TAMBLYN. We only just had this revelation of sorts.

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