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Globe union head to Globe journalists: Make our case this Friday

Earlier tonight, Dan Totten--head of the Boston Newspaper Guild, the paper's biggest union--emailed his membership regarding Friday's "Save the Globe" rally at Faneuil Hall. The email follows; note, in particular, the emphasis on getting Globe journalists to the event.

As I've previously written, the divide between the Guild's newsroom and non-newsroom members is one of the more interesting subplots of the current Globe crisis. Friday's rally will offer a very public test of whether the Globe's journalists are or aren't satisfied with the way Totten and the rest of the BNG leadership is handling negotiations with the Times Co.

Here's Totten's missive in its entirety:


To the Membership:
I’d like to share with you some thoughts about what’s happening over the next couple of days – culminating with our “Save The Globe” rally planned for Friday at noon outside Faneuil Hall.
As you know by now, the New York Times Co. rejected our proposal for public negotiations. We’re disappointed – as the executive committee believes strongly that with so much at stake, a uniquely transparent process was warranted.
We continue to be ready, as we’ve stated, to offer significant cost-savings to the Times Co. and Globe management. But we feel it’s important that top executives who have been enriched year after year - while so many Guild members sacrificed - make a genuine effort to share in the sacrifice at this crucial time. We expect to resume negotiations on Thursday.
Also, I am hoping that every Guild member will begin tapping into their personal networks to promote our “Save The Globe” petition – which can be viewed and signed at // Please urge all of your contacts, friends, family and professional colleagues across the nation to take a moment and support the Boston Globe.
For the rally, our goal is to make a forceful statement on the critical importance of the first amendment and the mission of the Globe to promote free speech, expose injustice and to enhance the life and culture of the entire region.  That is why we chose Faneuil Hall – the nation’s original public meeting place – as the venue.
The Boston Globe is far too important to life in New England to ever be placed in this kind of jeopardy. And we plan to have Globe journalists and other workers talk about how important this newspaper has been in their lives, and what it means to be part of such an important institution.
Every single employee represented by the Guild is important to us. It is our duty to represent everybody equally to ensure that all are treated fairly. But to most effectively make out statement on Friday, we especially need the voice and presence of working Globe journalists.
The New York Times Co., the general public, and leaders all across the state must hear directly from you – whether at the podium or in the crowd - about the mission of journalism and free speech. They must see that you are willing to stand up and fight for your newspaper – and therefore fight for the mission of journalism and free speech. Tell the world what it feels like to expose an injustice, about the people who have a voice because of a story you wrote, or simply what it means to work for a newspaper in one of the most chaotic and unsettling decades in American history.  Across our membership – advertising sales, shipping and receiving, circulation, administration, editorial and elsewhere – we have all faced the same challenges. Now, in the face of our greatest challenge yet, your talents and skills are needed more than ever before. [emph. added]
The Boston Globe is a bedrock institution of Boston and its survival affects the livelihood of many other institutions and groups - and the lives of virtually everyone. This city, and all of New England, is counting on us to survive.

Please join us Friday at Faneuil Hall to show them we intend on doing just that.
In Solidarity,
Daniel B. Totten

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